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5 Suppliers Honoured with BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award

March 26, 2019

(Shenyang/Beijing) On March 26, BMW Brilliance honoured 5 top-performing suppliers with the BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award at the 2019 Grand Supplier Day. The suppliers Shenyang Minghua Mould & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., Faurecia (Shenyang) Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., Mianyang Xinchen Engine Co., Ltd., Liaoning Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Shougang Steel Trade Co., Ltd. were recognised for providing outstanding goods and/or services to BMW Brilliance in 2018 in the categories of: Plant Dadong supplier, Plant Tiexi supplier, Powertrain Plant supplier, Logistics Services supplier and Indirect Purchasing supplier. In total, 15 suppliers were initially nominated. The key criteria for nomination included consistently excellent quality of goods or services, excellent supply chain management and strong evidence of continued efforts towards BMW Brilliance’s “Zero Defect” objective.

“At BMW Brilliance, close cooperation with our supplier partners is crucial to the outstanding quality of our BMW products and our business success. Our partners are major contributors to our innovation, quality and value creation. BMW Brilliance has established and developed a highly-qualified local supply chain, with some of our top Chinese suppliers now supplying BMW Group production locations around the world,” said Dr. Wieland, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance.

In 2018, BMW Brilliance had 378 local content suppliers in China and a purchasing value of RMB 43.1 billion. The joint venture works closely with its local supplier partners to ensure they meet BMW's stringent global product quality standards. Because of this, leading local suppliers have become part of BMW Group’s global supply network and are now participating in international market competition, a process which is supporting China's manufacturing upgrade.

As BMW Brilliance has grown, it has attracted more of its suppliers to invest in Shenyang and Liaoning. In 2018, 88 of BMW Brilliance’s local suppliers were from Liaoning province, with 68 of those based in Shenyang. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of BMW Brilliance’s purchasing volume in 2018 was in Liaoning province. Therefore, the contribution of BMW Brilliance and its supply chain is playing an important role in driving economic development in Shenyang, Liaoning province and Northeast China. As well as supporting the local economy, a local supplier network reduces transportation costs and emissions and improves production efficiency through time-savings.

BMW Brilliance has entered the next chapter of its high-quality development: “In China, for China and the World”. As well as significant investment into new and existing plant structures in Shenyang, the joint venture will launch new models in 2019 including the all-new BMW 3 Series and BMW X2. Starting from 2020, BMW Brilliance will produce the fully electric BMW iX3 in Shenyang for the China market and also markets worldwide. The new products will bring a new level of complexity for BMW Brilliance and its suppliers. Since the BMW iX3 will be produced to meet the diversified demands of the world market, suppliers will face new challenges that will test their flexibility and capacity for innovation. Ultimately, overcoming these challenges will give rise to an even more capable supplier network and a stronger Chinese automotive industry.

Winners of the BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award

BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award – Plant Dadong
Winner: Shenyang Minghua Mould & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2007, Minghua became BMW Brilliance’s first nominated supplier in Shenyang. Located in Shenyang’s industrial zone, the company produces consistently high-quality products, which include car front and rear bumpers, sills, spoilers, instrument panels and exterior trim systems. Minghua and BMW Brilliance have together formed a strong R&D team for product development. Shenyang Minghua is building factories in the United States and Mexico to supply BMW Group production locations in those countries.

BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award – Plant Tiexi
Winner: Faurecia (Shenyang) Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.

Faurecia has been a partner of BMW Brilliance since the opening of Plant Tiexi in 2011. The company has become a trusted seat supplier by successfully integrating complicated processes and delivering exceptionally high-quality products. Faurecia’s excellent supplier network management, including supporting nominated sub-suppliers, underlines the company’s commitment to integrate with the strategy and objectives of BMW Brilliance.

BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award – Powertrain Plant
Winner: Mianyang Xinchen Engine Co., Ltd.

Located in Mianyang Sichuan and Shenyang, Mianyang Xinchen is a core supplier of 5C components and supplies crankshaft and connecting rods to BMW Brilliance. Mianyang Xinchen upholds its principles of first-rate quality, high customer satisfaction, and diligence on technical improvement. The company has achieved BMW standards by raising quality, developing its innovation capacity and establishing an efficient and professional quality control process. In the past two years, Mianyang Xinchen has an outstanding performance on quality promotion, production and delivery, and commercial cooperation. It has fully embraced the BMW Brilliance “Zero Defect” mindset.

BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award – Logistics Services
Winner: Liaoning Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd.

With the support of Changjiu Group, Liaoning Changjiu has a distinguished truck fleet capacity, shipping capacity in China, and several international railway routes and airline routes linking China and the rest part of the world. Since 2015, Liaoning Changjiu has handled a substantial share of BMW Brilliance’s transportation. Liaoning Changjiu always provides timely and cost effective support, even during peak seasons when truck capacity can be limited.

BMW Brilliance Quality Excellence Award – Indirect Purchasing
Winner: Tianjin Shougang Steel Trade Co., Ltd.

Having improved its R&D and quality management, Tianjin Shougang is delivering more raw and processed materials to BMW Brilliance including exposed material, ultra-high strength steel and new generation coatings. Tianjin Shougang has proven itself to be very strong in stock management, with high-quality materials always available and provided in a timely manner. BMW Brilliance and Tianjian Shougang aim to build a long-term strategic partnership to continue their successful cooperation.

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