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BMW Brilliance Plant Dadong is the first vehicle production plant of the BMW Group in China, and it has witnessed the complete and successful development process of BMW Brilliance in China. The most successful and the best-selling BMW model in China, the BMW 5 Series Li is made at Plant Dadong. Plant Dadong has been under expanded construction with the expanding of the market, and the construction of a new plant in the northeast began in 2014, which boasts complete four processes, and it’s officially opened on May 19th, 2017, focusing on the production of all new generation of BMW 5 Series Li.

As the newest member of BMW Group's global production network, the new Plant Dadong has integrated the latest and advanced manufacturing technologies of BMW Group, and adopted logistics, manufacturing and quality management systems of the latest standards. New Plant Dadong has adopted Industry 4.0 design concept and intelligent technology, and utilized advanced technologies of big data, digital stimulation and IoT with Industry 4.0 features. It’s a forerunner of innovation and sustainable production in Chinese auto manufacturing industry.

Press Shop
Precondition-prerequisite of accurate production

The new plant utilizes industry leading 6-stage servo pressing machinery with pressing force of 10,300 tons, and it can press metal materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum. The pressing machinery adopts the third generation PGA control system, enabling high efficiency, and the press speed is 18 strokes per minute, with high level of precision up to 0.02mm in aluminum.

The pressing of aluminum is 3 times more difficult than that of steels, and computers are used to calculate the springback parameter of aluminum accurately for precise process. Big data system accumulates data continuously and keeps self-learning, and it could monitor and analyze real-time production data, so as to improve production efficiency and guarantee quality.

Body Shop
More than welding

The body shop is highly integrated and automated, up to 95%, with 856 robots. 18 kinds of connection technologies are used for the production of new model. For example, the overall length of laser welding is 28.4 meters and laser welding on aluminum sheet enables more accurate and tight welding spot, minor weld bead and stronger body in white, so as to decrease wind noise and improve interior quietness. Flow Drill Screw is used on a BMW product in China for the first time, and it can fix screws with a speed up to 7,000 rounds per minute to combine different materials including aluminum and steel. The use of Ball Welding is unique to the global auto industry, and strengthens the connections of welding spots and decreases costs and saves time.

Digitalization stimulation test further improves production efficiency and quality of production robots. Every spot of the body has three-dimensional data, and laser scanner can conduct in-depth quality detection with scanning speed up to 20,000 spots per second.

Paint Shop
More accurate and more environment-friendly

The paint shop comes with Integrated Paint Process (IPP) technology, and projected area in paint shop is small for building’s energy saving. The highly automated paint process not only secures production efficiency and quality, but also saves energy. Innovative bottom painting removes the middle painting step and heating process for great efficiency. Advanced 3-phase-oven can precisely control the temperature needed for painting of mixed body materials that expands differently in nature, so as to secure accurate body size. The RoDip process revolves the body 360°on its own axis during the dipping process, takes less space, consumes less chemicals and decreases pollution. The newly added PVC weld bead gluing technology further improves tightness, acoustic optimization, imputrescibility and flexibility. The offerings of 15 color and 2 systematic colors can fully satisfy customers’ special demands and obviously decrease cost and save time.

Big data system is integrated into the entire manufacturing process, and tailor-made Online Process Control system (OPC) has effectively avoided potential problems.

Highly flexible for several models’ flexible productions

Assembly production line features leading technology and high efficiency and flexibility, enabling individualized manufacturing and flexible production of several models. Assembly has adopted ergonomics design, such as the tilt equipment, to create comfortable and safe work environment for working staff. The exoskeletons worn directly on the body (Chair-less Chair) provide external support for the body, reduces the effort required for physically demanding tasks and improves efficiency. Innovative sky roof robotic hand decreases complexity and offers more convenient human and machine interaction.

3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is used for thumb protection gloves and special tools for sunroof installment. 3D printing can shorten the development and ordering time of small-volume and tailor-made tools, satisfying the demands of load curve for special tools and realize complicated design. It can also combine different materials for various functions.

Comprehensive application of energy saving and environment protection technologies
Role-model for sustainable production

New Plant Dadong embodies highly sustainable development standards with sustainable manufacturing technology, environment-friendly architecture design and various environmental protection measures. Take paint shop as an example. It’s the process consuming the largest amount of energy and compared with the technology of the past decade, the entire paint shop of new Plant Dadong used 60% less energy and water, and chemicals’ emission decreases by 80%; compared with the traditional hydraulic press line, energy consumed is 44% lower, and noise consumption is 12dB.

Compared with the existing facilities of Plant Dadong, New Plant Dadong decreases energy consumption of over 30%, and saves 60 million kw/h per year.

The new plant maximizes use of natural light, environmental building materials and intelligent lighting control, with 220,000 kw/h of electricity saved by natural lighting alone. The new plant also widely uses variable-frequency generators. Water recycling features dry-wet cooling tower. Recycle rate is up to 90% in the water-proof test process in the assembly shop.

High quality talents cultivation and training system
Explore innovation potentials of staff

Industry 4.0 doesn’t mean that machines can replace human, instead, it means machines can better support human in work, to reduce the repeatable and heavy workload, improve convenience in operation, offer staff more skills and explore more creativity of human.

New Plant Dadong has high quality staff with professional expertise and rich experience. Due to prospective talent cultivation system, the all-new BMW 5 Series Li can be guaranteed with strict quality standards of BMW Group. Both high quality staff team and advanced equipment and process are the pride of New Plant Dadong.

A Production Base with Supreme Quality

BMW Brilliance Plant Tiexi is one of the advanced and sustainable plants in the Chinese automotive industry. The construction work started in June 2010 and only 18 months later the first car was rolling off the production line. Celebrating the official opening on 24th May, 2012, the fully-fledged plant includes all workshops needed for the car production occupying an area of more than two square kilometers. At present, the product line-up in Tiexi includes the BMW 3 Series (long wheelbase and standard wheelbase), BMW X1 (long wheelbase), BMW 2 Series Tourer and BMW 1 Series Sedan and ZINORO 60H. Early 2017, following an assessment by the Liaoning Tourist Attraction Rating Commission, the Plant Tiexi was approved as a National AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is the first and only example of a production plant attaining such an honor within the Chinese automobile industry, which is also a foremost example of Industrial Tourism in China.

Press Shop
The World’s fast, very efficient, very accurate and very environment-friendly press line.

The 6-stageservo press line can operate at a maximum speed of 17 strokes per minute and is one of the efficient and environmentally-friendly press machines in the industry. The 10-thousand ton level press machine has an accuracy of 0.1mm. Using these state-of-the art machines enables the press shop to speed up the production by almost 70% and to reduce the energy consumption by half. The press shop is a benchmark in terms of advancement and efficiency; and in addition providing best working conditions. Less noise and dust, but natural lighting creates a “worker-friendly” environment.

Body Shop
A future world “dominated” by robots

There are nearly 1800 robots in the technology building which brings a production automation rate of 95%. Compared with previous standards, the current body shop can save up to 25 percent energy. The highly intelligent robots can do sophisticated welding works with high accuracy and even change the welding tools by themselves. In order to assure the quality of all vehicles produced, BMW Brilliance has been utilizing the advanced quality inspection instruments online and offline. Part of the quality check of each car body shell is the so-called CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) where more than 1,000 predefined points of the body are thoroughly scanned. The CMM lab uses ruby probe and high-end Zeiss optical instruments to do the inspection. Additionally, the temperature and humidity in the lab is maintained at a constant level to avoid measuring deviations.

Paint Shop
Innovative technologies make a paradigm of energy conservation

The paint shop is a major lever in resource conservation at Plant Tiexi. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and processes, water consumption, VOC emission and waste water in the paint shop are reduced to 1/3 of the industry average level 10 years ago. Applying a new technology, the car body can now dip into the tank vertically by rotating over an axis. This results in smaller dipping tanks and reduces the amount of chemicals and energy required. In addition, the Integrated Paint Process (IPP) completely compensates the primer function by an innovative base coat.

Assembly Shop
Spacious and comfortable, making the factory like a home

Due to the advanced and highly ergonomic work stations in the assembly shop, the staff can work comfortably with higher efficiency and better quality. The entire assembly building covers an area of about 60,000㎡, integrating almost 3.5 kilometers of assembly lines. The lines have been designed to move forward automatically, enabling the worker to concerntrate the assembly process without having to walk along with the car. In addition, the ergonomic swiveling units can rotate at the maximum of 90 degree angles so that the assembly staff can work in a very comfortable environment. In terms of sustainability the assembly has also to offer many highlights. Having integrated an energy recuperation system at the rolling road test station, recuperated energy is transferred to the plant grid. In addition, 90 percent of the water used in the rain test and car washing can be recycled.

BMW Brilliance Products from “Made in China” to “Created in China”

The establishment of the joint venture’s own brand, ZINORO and the launch of the first model 1E symbolize a milestone of the local vehicle development in BMW Brilliance. The ZINORO 1E is the first pure electric vehicle launched by a premium auto brand in China. The driving mileage of ZINORO 1E is 150 kilometers, and the battery charging time is 7.5 hours. The vehicle can meet the needs of daily commuting for urban residents.

Highly Efficient Logistic System
Right time, right order, right place

A scientific logistic system plays an important role in modern car manufacturing nowadays. In BMW Brilliance’s Tiexi plant, there are materials with a size of several thousand cubic meters that needs to be sent to different sections of production each day, thus stacking these materials will enormously reduce its efficiency. In our plant, the materials must be sent on time with the right order to the correct location as it requires a highly efficient logistic system; a logistics center with container bays and direct tunnels to the plant building are available in Plant Tiexi. To make it even more efficient, there are even venues designated as the assembly areas for the main suppliers. The current logistic system in Tiexi will be further improved in the future, it will be more scientific; a railway will be installed to connect directly to the plant, this will enhance the transportation efficiency for materials and completed vehicles.

BMW Brilliance Engine Plant

The new engine plant is the newest one of the BMW Group. It is located in the economic and technological development zone in northeast China's Shenyang City. The plant occupies an area of 0.9 square kilometers. In August 2013, the construction works of the new plant started. In January, 2016, the new plant officially has opened. The engine plant hosts all the three functional areas of engine production, which includes foundry, machining and assembly. The plant also has a quality performance test center as well as an inbound and outbound logistics center. It is one of the advanced and sustainable engine plants worldwide and locates in close proximity to both BMW Brilliance vehicle plants. This leads to an optimized lean value stream.

Environmental Concept

Aiming for sustainable development, the plant has an optimal layout and adopts numerous of environment-friendly and energy-saving technologies. The media tunnel built during the initial period of plant construction reserves sufficient space for the supply of electric power, water-pipes, heat supply and ventilation pipelines. World-leading Building Automation System (BAS) integrates energy consumption monitoring, analysis and adjustment. The system has thousands of detectors installed all over the plant working on a 24/7 basis. Lighting in the plant leverages natural lights and intelligent lighting system. Compared with the traditional BMW heating concept, the new plant can reduce external energy input for heating by 80% due to a heat recovery technology.

Foundry——Casting of aluminum crankcases

The foundry is the starting point of the engine plant’s value stream. For the production of the crankcase the foundry boasts world's advanced smelter, which can reduce the energy consumption. Further highlights are:

Direct connection of melting and casting by underground conveyer system with no losses of temperature and increased safety.

Innovative casting feeding system to reduce return material demand.

Contemporary casting of two crankcases for higher efficiency and enhanced energy usage.

World-leading low pressure die casting technology brings high yield, excellent control of operative parameters, good metallurgical and technological quality.

Each casted part receives an integrated data matrix code that includes all relevant process parameters.

Industry 4.0 technology: self-learning x-ray quality inspection is self-adjusting the areas of interest to ensure the supply of zero defect products to the customer.

Totally inorganic binder process in sand core making is cutting-edge technology worldwide, the binder is based on water-soluble alkali silicates quartz sand dissolved in water, and brings almost zero emission in the binding process, which is highly environment friendly. The foundry is almost neutral in scent and provides highly advanced and healthy workplaces for the associates.

Most of the used sand can be recycled for the sand core process (highly environmentally friendly).

By use of a unique wire arc spraying technology (LDS) patented by the BMW Group, an innovative coating technology for the production of cast-aluminum crankcases has been introduced: The cylinder faces of all crankcases are coated with a wafer-thin layer of iron particles applied in liquid form. This results in a lower internal friction in the engine and less fuel consumption with reduced engine weight.

Efficient smelters with heat recovery system; heat recovered is used for pre-heating of aluminum ingots and supports indoor heating.

Direct link between foundry and machining, casting parts are transported via conveyer system to the machining workshop directly, which helps to reduce the through put time.

The foundry in the new engine plant is the second one within the BMW Group global production network. Shenyang has implemented all the competence and knowledge from the BMW Group plant Landshut.

Machining——Accuracy required of ? of the thickness of a human hair

In the machining workshop two core engine components cylinder and cylinder heads are machined. The raw cylinder material is provided by our own workshop. The raw cylinder heads material is provided by supplier. From a raw to product ,it will passed a series of incising, drilling, grinding ,milling and robot assembling operations. Production processes are highly automated and self-correcting machinery ensures each component being machined to an exact specification. Highly skilled and experienced associates ensure the high quality of the products and productivity of the operations.

Highlights in machining shop include:
1.Usage of the latest machining technology similar to the other plants in Europe, thus resulting in the same excellent quality and accuracy.
2.Each machining operation utilizes the latest gauging technology to check the features machined for diameter and depth. In order to meeting BMW technology requirements.
3.Latest high-pressure washing machines are used to clean the components to ensure absolute technical cleanness. And during the high-pressure washing, the burr in the hole will be clear away.
4. We are manufacturing to extreme tolerances eg. Valve/guide bore 6 microns ? of human hair.

Assembly——The art: putting it all together on time with zero defects

In the assembly workshop, the production lines are highly flexible and able to produce 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines at the same time, whether they need to be installed longitudinally or transversely. Producing zero defect engines for our customers at all times is what the assembly facility is designed to do. A 'no fault forward' philosophy is applied, in-process quality checks are implemented at critical stages and every engine undergoes a mechanical and electrical test during the assembly build. Highlights in assembly shop include:

Assembly processes have been implemented from the European production system.

Highly ergonomic production line is provided to production associates to take care of their health in the long run (in regards to the global BMW philosophy “today for tomorrow”).e.g. latest conveyor system with high flexibility, associates can adjust the height to the most comfortable position.

To ensure zero defect production, all engines are 100% cold tested (test with oil, but without fuel).

Furthermore, the engines are 100% leak tested for oil and water (coolant liquid) . Highly sensitive Helium gas is used in the leak tests for the fuel system.

On top, a statistical amount of engines is also tested with fuel in the performance test center (fired engine).

All technological and test parameters are recorded and long-term storage for each engine. Every engine can be traced back to its birth moment –the casting in the foundry. All process data are utilized in data deep mining and contribute to a permanent improvement of manufacturing processes.

Quality Performance Test Centre——Strong backing to supreme quality

State-of-the-art electric dynamometers used for the test cells, which are capable of testing engines with performance up to 370 kW and over 700Nm.

World-leading test systems of internal combustion engines are used. The system is capable of remote running.

Expert team from BMW's engine plants in Europe work on site to provide technical assistance, monitor the whole process and train local associates. The teams help realise the maximum exploitation of all the advanced equipment and instruments.

A statistical amount of engines undergoes a rigorous dynamic test up to 50 hours after which they are inspected and analysed to ensure the BMW quality standard has been met. This aims to ensure the customers can always get the high quality engines possible.

Logistics——Daily handling capacity of 2000 boxes AENDERN

The logistics team ensures that the right engine derivatives are produced at the right time. Every engine has an order and is produced in the exact sequence as required from the vehicle plants. Logistics schedule, receive, store and move both components machined at the engine plant along with many bought-in parts to ensure a consistent flow of engines is built.

Tow trucks replace forklifts to transport parts to the production lines, in an aim to reduce potential accident and ensure efficient production.

At the sequencing center, finished engines are stored and distributed in sequence to the vehicle plants. For Plant Tiexi, it will take only 82 minutes from the order of an engine until the delivery to the plant. An engine will be send to the vehicle plants in 90 minutes.

Facts & Figures

Foundation August, 2013
Start of Production January, 2016
Area 900,000 m2
Employee Approx. 2,000
Production Technologies Foundry, machining and assembly
Products Latest generation 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo engines
Capacity After a ramp up period, the engine plant will be able to meet the production demand from the two vehicle plants in Dadong and Tiexi
Core Components Cylinder head, crankcase


Timing Event
Aug. 2012 BMW Brilliance announced to build a new engine plant
Aug. 2013 Ground breaking ceremony
Nov. 2014 First cast of foundry
Jan. 2016 Official opening

Plant Tour

BMW Brilliance Plant Tiexi – National AAAA Tourist Attraction

February 2017, according to the evaluation by Liaoning Quality level of tourist attractions committee, Shenyang BMW Brilliance Plant Tiexi tourist attraction has been announced as National AAAA Tourist Attraction, has become the first and the only car manufacturer which wins this honor in the car manufacturing industry. As the model of industrial tourism project, BBA Plant Tiexi shows a valuable gallery for public visitors.

Reservation information:
Guided Tour (mixed group)

Guided tours for single visitors or small groups take place at fixed dates several times a week. The tours are conducted with a maximum of 20 participants and take 1.5 hours.

Exclusive Guided Tour

Exclusive guided tours take place from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. One of our experts will guide your group (maximum of 20 people) through the production and focus on your interests and favorite topics as far as possible.

Plant Tour Opening Time

Mon. – Sat. (The specific opening time is subject to the actual production situation of the Plant. Please communicate with the reservation center in advance for confirmation)

This is how you can contact the BMW Brilliance visitor service:

Hotline: +86 024-84555656
Email: [email protected]


Type Price
Individual visitors (will be added to a group) 60 CNY
Individual visitors at a reduced rate* 50 CNY
Exclusive group (1 to 20 persons) 860 CNY
Exclusive groups at a reduced price* 700 CNY

*Reduced admission fee with relevant proof: students, senior citizens over 60, or soldiers. Free admission with relevant proof: individual police visitors in public group; or police visitors in exclusive groups valid for 9:00-10:00, every Tuesday.


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